The international sourcing platform for professional buyers of French wines, spirits, beers and ciders


The French W & S Business Network is a marketplace that aims to increase the visibility of French wine and spirits producers. This platform was launched in 2018 by Business France in a logic of support for French companies wishing to export.

By registering on this platform, you can increase your visibility before each Business France Tastin'France event but also use your profile as a digital catalog. Your products will then be visible 365 days a year to buyers around the world, certified by Business France. They can also contact you directly via the marketplace.

In a nutshell, The French W&S Business Network was built on 3 pillars:


Use your profile to present your products to a wide audience of professionals throughout the year.


Integrate in a few clicks the features and visuals of your products on the platform. A messaging system is integ rated into the marketplace. International buyers can send you a message via the platform to request information or s amples.


This platform also makes it possible to prepare the Tastin'France. Buyers have access to the products you will p resent at the event and can prepare for their arrival. Hence the importance of giving as much information as pos sible on the product sheet.

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