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We are a family that has worked in the vineyards for several generations.
At first simple performers, then through hard work and passion, the MEYNAUD family became the owner of their vineyard. Eric and Sophie now manage the vineyard which has grown from 30 ha in 1995 to 160 ha today (around 800 000 liters).

Located in the South West of France, near Bordeaux, we can therefore produce a range of varied wines :
Bordeaux wines, in red, white and rosé ;
“Vins de France, in red, white and rosé.

The areas exploited have increased, without losing sight of our permanent objective : to improve quality to always satisfy our customers. This is why we have always invested both in the vineyard and in the winery.

The vineyard is managed in a reasoned manner, and we are certified ""High Environmental Value"". The grapes are harvested at maturity, the cellar is operational, efficient and allows efficient work. We are able to produce traditional and modern wines thanks to our tools and our know-how.

The development of quality products requires a great deal of personal commitment, in collaboration with Jean Louis VINOLO, our consultant oenologist and valuable ally in the operation. This allows us to showcase the best of each ground and underground.

All the work of the winemaker is based on both patience and efficiency, a knowledge of the different plots and different grape varieties (Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon for red wines, Sauvignon for white wine).

Our work is rewarded every year with medals in national (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Macon) and international competitions (Challenge International Blaye, Brussels, London). These awards are an additional guarantee of quality and recognition of our skills. Thus, our seriousness allows us to establish ongoing and lasting relationships with our customers.

Every year, we progress, every year we learn, every year we invest. We are always happy to welcome our customers to help them discover our region, our wines and share our passion.

Armed with all this, today we present our wines to you for tasting. We are in our vines and in the cellar every day, we will be able to answer your questions and will be keen to forge a built and lasting relationship with you.