Cognac Raymond Ragnaud Grande Champagne - Millésimé 2002 Folle Blanche - 42%vol. - 70cl.


Ref: Cognac Millésimé Folle Blanche

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Raymond Ragnaud has a stock of Grande Champagne produced exlusively with Folle Blanche grapes produced, distilled and aged by us on our Ambleville site. For example the Vintage Folle Blanche 2002 at 42% volume.

The Folle Blanche grape is the original Cognac grape, nearly forgotten after the Phylloxera attack. The Folle Blanche makes incredibly elegant, fine and perfumed cognacs, and since 1994 we have planted four hectares of this grape, allowing us to produce rare cognacs with wonderfully characteristic vintage aromas ( fruits and white flowers ).

Product Information

Type of product Spirits
Region Charente
Name / Description Cognac Grande Champagne
Classification AOC
Color Amber
Grapes Folle Blanche
Type of culture Sustainable
Vintage 2002
Format Bottle