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2 rue du Vieux Château, 34600 FAUGERES, Occitanie, France

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Located in the heart of the Faugères appellation area, in Languedoc, the Bardi d'Alquier estate, formely Jean-Michel Alquier, is the accurate image of a family tradition since 1874, based of the love of his land and the permanent feature to sublimate its fruits through a constant work, able to innovate while respecting the terroir.
At the height of 340 meters, on shale and clay hillsides in a wild and beautiful countryside, our small all in one piece 12 hectares vineyard, located at the edge of the village Faugères, consists mainly in Syrah, from Massales selections, Mouvèdres, Carignans but also from old black Grenaches, as well as white grenaches, Marsannes and Roussane.
Our wines which combine delicacy, balance and aromatic intricacies, are one of the great expressions of the Faugères’ appellation.
The aim of our family and craft estate is to provide pleasure and emotions during the tasting of our wines. That is why we take the greatest care in their elaboration, from the vine to the bottle.