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Les Graimenous, 11300 LA DIGNE D’AVAL, Languedoc, France

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Domaine J.Laurens was created in the years 80 by a man from Champagne who saw all the potential of Limoux : good terroir, long history around sparkling wines, temperate weather… Later on, in 2001, the estate was bought by the actual owner, Jacques Calvel, who was born in the area. With the help of a small but professional team he developed J.Laurens: the vines, the building, with consequent technical improvements and also the sales but still keeping the objective of doing high quality sparkling wines. Year after year and all over the seas, J.Laurens became a name in the world of effervescence. From California to Sydney, Hong-Kong, Quebec, or Belgium and UK for example, our Crémants & Blanquette are appreciated. Le New-York Times, The Decanter, The Wine Enthusiast, The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times are among our references. They all emphasize the excellent quality price ratio for our full range. Today, our ‘’savoir-faire’’ and authenticity with a high control of winemaking techniques allows us to create sparkling wines very pure, tight, refine with a good balance. Also, our choices of commercialization to professional only (no supermarkets) is a guarantee of qualitative networks.