l'arrangé provençal


Business name
l'arrangé provençal
Business address
11 cours gouffé, 13006 Marseille, Provence, France

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Les Canailles has been created in February 2017 in Marseille, south of France.

We are rum punch producer, our punch are made with agricultural rum from Martinique, organic sugar cane and fresh fruits. It has an actual alcoholic strength of 32 % by volume and 12 % of sugar.

According to the fruits seasons we have between 12 to 16 recipes available during the year. We offer recipes with exotic fruits almost all year round and we work as well with fruits who has a short seasonality like fig, grapes and verbena.

We are most of the time able to sell until 2 or 3 pallets directly with our stocks and if the order is bigger, we work on demand with a one-week delay per pallet order.

In France, the distribution is made directly by Les Canailles and also by Maison Tessendier. For export, please have no hesitation to send an email at maxime@rhumslescanailles for any questions.

All the team Les Canailles hope that you will love our products.