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If you are a French wine, spirit, beer or cider buyer, then you have come to the perfect place! Taste France Wine and Spirits is a 100% free platform that connects buyers from all over the world—like you—with only the best wine producers wholesalers and merchants from France. Register now for FREE and get instant access to our network. What you’ll find there: a curated catalog of quality products; a customizable, user-friendly platform for buyers; a suitable means of communication between purchasers and sellers.

A selection of made in France wines, beers, spirits and ciders with a focus on quality

Spirits are worldwide famous French products. All enthusiasts in enology and gastronomy will agree that nothing compares to an exquisite glass of Bordeaux, or a delicious bottle of Bourgogne. On Team France Export - Business France, French wine, spirits, beers and cider buyers will find only the greatest French wine, spirits, beers and cider producers, with the best selection of “grapes” and “vintage”. The producers that are featured on our platform are recognized for the quality of their savoir-faire, and their wines are best-sellers both nationwide and worldwide. Buying spirits from us means you can trust the quality of what you’re purchasing, which will save you and your clients many disappointments.

A customizable catalog suited to your preferences

Thousands of high-quality products and brands are available on Taste France Wine and Spirits. As a French wine, spirits, beers or ciders buyer, we are aware that you probably can’t afford the time to scroll through all pages to find the item that suits you. That is precisely why, once you have completed your free registration on the platform, you can use filters according to your needs (type of product, regions, grapes etc.). 

A time-saving tool for your business as a French wine, spirits, beers and ciders buyer

Our philosophy at Team France Export - Business France is to facilitate the relationship between sellers and buyers, to save both parties as much time as possible. By enrolling on our BtoB network, you, a French wine, spirits, beers and ciders buyer, will be able to connect with any French wholesaler that is also registered on our platform. You can order samples easily and ask questions to the suppliers before buying, thanks to a handy and secure contact form. Only you can initiate contacts: do not worry about being solicited by spammers. We know what a precious resource your time is, and we are not here to waste it!